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Hiring Context

As in any company merger situation, a timely and effective fusion of good existing practice with new, clear and helpful processes and policies becomes a challenge in the midst of so much change.

When combining two companies with cultures and operations in 26 countries, this becomes more complicated and that is the place from where Lesley started.


The Challenge

During the summer of 2000 Coca-Cola HBC SA was formed and Lesley was initially asked to support the creation and implementation of an extensive set of Performance Management and Development instruments known as the ’PM&D Toolkit’, for HR professionals across the Coca-Cola HBC territory.

Initial Project

The Toolkit included How To guides, templates, course materials, facilitator notes and supporting background information, linked to the core competencies, under the main headings of individual development, performance management and talent development.

Examples of the topics included are:

  • Objective setting
  • Performance management
  • Coaching
  • Competencies and skills

By working with the Information Systems Function, the Toolkit was launched on Lotus Notes and made accessible to both HR professionals and senior managers across all 26 countries.


The Approach

There followed the development of an internet-based 360-degree development tool for the 300 or so senior managers. Lesley worked with a 360 standard tool supplier to align and adapt the standard questionnaire to fit the Coca-Cola HBC SA core competencies and developed a 360o information session for delivery in each country. Lesley project managed implementation across countries and subsequently provided individual feedback for a number of managers across the territory.

The 360o feedback process proved to be a very significant development opportunity to harmonise individual development requirements with core business needs, thereby moving the management population’s skills forward.

Many further projects followed including, but not limited to:

  • Facilitating the work of the corporate functions (Information Systems, Procurement, Finance, External Affairs, Operations, HR) in developing real, live and workable functional technical competencies. The results of assessment against functional technical competencies were used to capture requirements for the development of both individual and functional development plans. Lesley then worked with the functions to source, build and roll out these functional development plans.

  • Supporting the development of major sections of the ‘Excel’ Leadership Development programme design (with IMD, Lausanne) targeted at senior middle management as they accelerate development towards more senior roles. The programme was a combination of strategy and fast-track learning about the intricate operations of each function in Coca-Cola HBC SA. This project entailed working with IMD and the Corporate Functions to design and build dynamic training modules (for delivery of up to 10 days) building skills and knowledge of each of these functions.

  • Designed and delivered in-house development programmes for a multi-national audience of HR and Training professionals to build their professional capability. Specific programmes included Train the Trainer and How to Manage the Training and Development Process.

Assignment Outcomes

As a result of these interventions the 'PM&D Toolkit' is now accepted as the primary reference source for Coca – Cola HBC HR Managers, development throughout the company is based on functional competencies and the Excel programme continues to be the preferred development route for aspiring senior managers.

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